My Experience with Twitter

I’ve never used Twitter before so the whole idea of following people, having followers, and tweeting is alien to me. I’ve followed five journalists/news companies: CNN, NBC News, The New York Times, BBC News World, and Stephen Colbert. CNN, NBC, and the NYT are your typical news sources. They post what’s current and what’s current is the election and as of now Donald Trump is pretty big news right now therefore all three of them are tweeting about Donald Trump. BBC News World is my favorite, I get to look at news that isn’t Donald Trump. I get to see news from around the world instead of just the United States. Stephen Colbert is similar to CNN, NBC, NYT, and BBC except Stephen Colbert gives the news a satire twist. For example, one of his tweets says “Who would win in a fight: an Apple Genius w/ a switchblade or a Walmart greeter w/ a crossbow? .” The big news twitters do not interact with their follows as much as Stephen Colbert.  Stephen Colbert uses polls to see what his followers are thinking interacts with his followers while the other news sources do not interact with their followers at all. Overall, Twitter isn’t all that big of a deal in my opinion and I probably won’t ever use it for a news outlet. @ken_doll_r


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