Matthew Fox on David Letterman

I came across a video on Reddit and it was an interview of Matthew Fox, lead actor of the television show Lost; he was being interviewed by David Letterman on his show. The interview was on May 17th, 2010 and the video was added the day after. Letterman asked Fox about his time in Hawaii, since the show was filmed there and everyone on the show moved to Hawaii, and how he spent his time there. They also spoke about his show. The finale of Lost was to be aired on May 23rd, 2010 which is just under a week before this interview took place. My favorite part was David Letterman trying to guess what happens during the finale and he guessed what everyone else guessed: that it was all a dream and Jack (the character that Matthew Fox plays) will wake up and the whole island was just a dream. What was interesting to me was that Matthew Fox almost seemed nervous to be in front of a live audience almost as if he has never been on television before. He just did not look comfortable in front of the live audience and I suppose he is not used to this kind of medium. As huge Lost fan, I certainly enjoyed listening to the interview. It was nice to see the character I know as Jack Shephard talk about his life in the real world as Matthew Fox. It was sort of a relief from watching the show far too many times and not seeing enough of him in other shows nor movies or even other interviews.


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