Analysis of Infographics


This information graphic shows many different statistics about seafood. The infographic definitely has a lot happening and the wording is a little bit confusing. The first thing that was read for me was the big orange numbers. I didn’t notice the title of the infographic at all until further inspection and in the words “value” and “production” are not eye catching whatsoever because of the white text and grey background. I also noticed that there were 594 million pounds of seafood produced by the United States and it does not take a mathematician to realize that the seafood  numbers in pounds did not add up to 594. They needed an “other” bubble and maybe listing some of the different seafood that would be under “other.” Overall this infographic could have been a lot  better if it wasn’t for the little things that could have been changed.


This infographic compared the female’s valentines day versus the male’s valentines day. This was a clever idea and it was enjoyable and easy to read. It made it easier on the eyes be adding multiple different tiny graphics that correlate to some responses. This infographic did come from a British website so I’m curious if the responses would have been different if it came from an American website. As an American male with a girlfriend whom I celebrate Valentines Day every year with, a lot of these things are relatable. This probably would not appeal to someone who doesn’t or hasn’t celebrated Valentines Day. This infographic was enjoyable, interesting, and easy to read. The many different graphics definitely made this a whole lot better.


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