Is Snapchat an effective storytelling tool?

I do believe that Snapchat can be used as an effective story telling tool. Snapchat has been around for quite some time now and by now should be on just about everyone’s smartphone. It is considered a social media, so it’s on par with Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc.,  and social media is all about sharing stories. While the maximum video footage is ten seconds long, that is still plenty of time to work with. When creating an person-on-the-street interview, the way I would do it is record myself asking the question that I would be asking other people. Then I would record other people’s responses. That way when watching my Snapchat story, you can listen to the question and right after that listen to each persons response. With the newer Snapchat update, you can even add captions longer than one line long, that way people can read the question and answers rather than listening to them. By the time you finish making this interview, it’s already in dozens of people’s pockets. It is a very effective way to get information to the general public because almost everyone has Snapchat. If someone wants to tell a story, they would have to split up their story into ten second intervals, which I’ve personally seen but never actually done. But it looks time consuming to create but if you want to get a message out to a mass population, it is certainly effective as well as creative.


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