Multimedia News Package

In New York Times Magazine, there is a multimedia news package that was released in 2015 titled “Walking New York.” It is a series of short stories written by New Yorkers and along with it was a panorama of the part of New York that they were talking about. There are dozens of different locations to “visit” and each location comes with its own story. Each story has a different writer and they all have a memory to share. The whole thing is very neat to look at. This package is effective because it simply tells a story from an ordinary person living in New York City. People who are from these areas would find it captivating to read a story written by someone else who lived in the same area as they did or even had a similar experience. Some of the stories are very specific and are mostly memories that these people held close to them. The stories are heartwarming and that is what makes people want to continue to read. This multimedia news package was an effective tool of journalism because it was something different to look at. Some people need more than just a story about someone’s life. They want to see what they saw as well as experience what they experienced. The panoramic view of New York City was a nice additive touch. It did not need to be there but it certainly was interesting. It gave the audience a visual that corresponded to the story.  I was captivated right off the bat. Right away I was able to click and drag to see a panoramic view of Manhattan and it was mesmerizing. I spent a few minutes clicking on random locations on the “view map” button just to look at the different locations. I later went back and started to read most of the stories that went along with it. Overall it was a great piece to both look at and read.


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