Multimedia News Package

In New York Times Magazine, there is a multimedia news package that was released in 2015 titled “Walking New York.” It is a series of short stories written by New Yorkers and along with it was a panorama of the part of New York that they were talking about. There are dozens of different locations […]

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Analysis of Infographics

This information graphic shows many different statistics about seafood. The infographic definitely has a lot happening and the wording is a little bit confusing. The first thing that was read for me was the big orange numbers. I didn’t notice the title of the infographic at all until further inspection and in the words “value” […]

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My Experience with Twitter

I’ve never used Twitter before so the whole idea of following people, having followers, and tweeting is alien to me. I’ve followed five journalists/news companies: CNN, NBC News, The New York Times, BBC News World, and Stephen Colbert. CNN, NBC, and the NYT are your typical news sources. They post what’s current and what’s current […]

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